Magic of Air Fryer

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Health is the real wealth
Now it is so easy to cook Healthier. Dish with limited oil is good of less calories which is helps to maintain good health.
It is always recommended to eat low fat and high carbohydrate diet. low oil is helpful to break protein. With the invention of air fryer it is now possible to prepare tasty, healthy, less fat food. Air fryer is now the kitchen’s craze and pride. This may sound too good to be true!

How Does Air fryer work
Food is placed inside a deep tray. The heated air circulates in different temperature. Air can be temperature controlled and they have temperature controller.

What all can I cook in air fryer
You can bake and fry without oil in air fryer.

What is the cost of an Air Fryer
As a matter of fact air fryer costs any where between 3000 to 10000 rupees. Again it will be thoughtfull to buy on discounts and cash back to save some bucks. Try website or mobile app where you can get cashback/rewards on every products you buy or refer the link to your friends. You can earn money from home just by generating the link and sending them to your nearest ones. Even if you don’t buy an air fryer if your friend buys it you will still earn the commission.

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